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Martin Bashir interviewed Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist and asked him, “Isn’t it the case that craiglist facilitates prostitution?” Bashir would have you believe that Craigslist is somehow responsible for the crimes that some of it’s users are perpetrating. The interview was spawed by the recent death of Julissa Brisman by suspected killer, Philip Markoff, a second year med student.

You can see the interview here

Julissa Brisman

Julissa Brisman

I was appalled by the way that Bashir blindsided Newmark just to get a story. It is disturbing how irresponsible the media can be. If you buy the load of crap that Martin Bashir is trying to spoon feed you, then I would ask you this; should twitter or facebook be held responsible (or considered a facilitator) if a user posts something about their whereabouts, and then an opportunistic criminal robs their house because he knows they’re away from home? You can see what a giant leap of logic that is, right? What ever happened to the responsibility and accountability of the individual?

Martin Bashir

Martin Bashir

Instead of shutting down or changing Craigslist, we should probably ban Martin Bashir and other irresponsible reporters like him.


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