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Well before the end of my final 30 days at the LA Times I had a couple of solid leads. It appears that I was the top candidate at LA Opinion and they were going to make me an offer. While I was waiting for that offer, another offer came in at Gale Banks Engineering (see Banks Engineering is home of the fastest diesel pickup in the world.

My last day at the Times was today and I start at GBE on Monday September 22nd. So, things are good! I am going to be training at my new job for a while and I’m going to give it 110%! I can’t wait.power


So, on Monday my boss calls me in to the office. He says, “there is no easy way to say this, but we have to let you go.” Poor guy. I felt really bad for him. My boss is a good guy and I know how hard  it is to let people go. I’ve been on the other side of the desk in many of those conversations.

My boss was cool enough to get me 30 days notice. He even tried to get me 45 but he couldn’t pull that off. Lots of people are getting laid off from the LA Times, so it wasn’t a total shock. What was a shock was that my job is extremely important to the Times and I help bring in millions of dollars worth of ad revenue. But the rabbit hole runs deep. I work for Interactive which supports AdOps. On paper I am a drain to Interactive because they get no return on investment by supporting sales. So, it was political and nothing personal. I’m not losing any sleep over it; it’s just business and business is neither nice nor is it logical. It’s P & L, balance sheets and so on that dictate the personality of the business.

But where does that leave AdOps? Well, the light at the end of the tunnel is that AdOps is going to try to retain me because my departure directly and adversely affects their business and their P & L.

So that is that. I have some other job leads, so I am going to dig in and get crackin’ and see what happens in the next 26 remaining days here.