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Had a fun weekend. Looked at a few houses in La Verne and Chino. Looking for houses is exhausting.

Had a mini-reunion of sorts at Barney’s Beanery in Pasadena on Saturday night. Saw my girlfriend from way back in 1985! It was a lot of fun.

My bro, my highschool girlfriend and me (left to right)

Had some friends over tonight for dinner. Now I’m done. I’m really tired and it is like 85 degrees in my house and humid as hell.


I’m working sick today here at Banks Engineering. I’m barely able to sit here in my chair, however, I’m getting so damn excited about all of the new diesel performance products and marketing projects, that I don’t want to sit at home. I’d much rather be here learning.

I might go home for lunch to get a blanket, but I’m going to stick it out today.

My new job is going great! It is a lot of work, but I can’t complain.

Hey we have a new president. We have change. Now what?

I hadn’t been sick in 8 months. I got the stomach flu this past weekend. It sucked.

Wifey lost her new job. So, our new house hunt is off for a while.

I’m getting too damn fat. I need to start training again. I picked up a huge tractor tire to exercise with. It fills up the back of my truck!

Big ass tire

Big ass tire

That’s about it.