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Websense bothers me, bigtime. I run marketing campaigns and do research on various things. My actual work is frequently blocked by this evil Nazi software. If the problem is that a company can’t trust their employees to the point where they have to treat everyone like a three year old, perhaps it is time to re-think the hiring process. Either that or let go of the reigns a bit and let your employees do their job. Sam Zell, CEO for the LA Times had a great idea; let’s get rid of all of the blocker software and let our employees do their job. In a meeting he said, “I don’t give a f&^% what you look at, as long as you’re doing your job.” The man has a point.

I was really annoyed with Sears yesterday. I was annoyed with how hot our office is in the afternoon and how the thermostat is never quite right for our office. So, I ran out at lunchtime to buy an oscillating fan. The box was not in great shape and it was re-taped. I opened the box to do a quick check when I was there at Sears and things appeared to be okay. When I got back to the office and started putting the fan back together, I noticed that there was a big crack on the motor housing. Additionally, the motor housing would not even snap into place the way that it was supposed to. So I am very annoyed with
Sears. In fact, the other day I was just wondering how they are even still in business. With heavy hitters such as Circuit City going under, why won’t Sears just die already?