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Life is all about balance. But what happens when you tip the scales too far in one direction? Is there a way to “get the balance right?” (yep, that was a cheesy reference to a Depeche Mode song).

Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode

I work hard all day at Banks Power Diesel Performance. I’ve made some huge progress with SEO and got my company’s site to the #1 position for many search terms. The epiphany hit me. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for years! So why not turn it into a business so that I can make some survival income in this dismal economy?


As of late I’ve been coming home from work, where I spend all day chained to my desk, only to come home to plant myself in front of a computer again. So what do I do in my “off time?” I do more SEO for Banks Power. In addition I write a few blogs, such as the Diesel Performance Blog, social media marketing how to, SEO Blog, and a few more. Then I do analytics on all of my sites. Then I build even more sites, such as Amy Friedman Fitness (currenly under contruction), and I participate in various social networks and online groups and forums. I’m not a one-man-show, I’m more like a one-man-army (please pardon the gratuitous sexism!).

Sexism...... bad

Sexism...... bad

So perhaps I can find a balance when the economy show some signs of improvement. I’d like to be able to exercise, ride my mountain bike, spend time with the kids, and just relax. One can dream.

Here is a quick update to this blog. I was just browsing for Professional scaffolding services, Northeast, UK when I discovered RMB Scaffolding. It’s too bad that we don’t have that service in the states because they are one of the most reputable specialist scaffolding companies within the Northeast of England.

Anyhow, more blogs are coming soon! Right now I have to read more about how to make money on the internet, and simply how to make money!