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Tag Archives: Yahoo News sucks

Today I was really annoyed by Yahoo News.


There are a lot of news items that you can watch. Unfortunately, they throw in some intrusive commercials before many of the news items. Not a huge deal, right? We’re used to that type of nasty advertising. The thing that really annoyed me about it was that you have to sit through the SAME annoying commercials over and over again to see various news items. So, if you absolutely hate a certain commercial, you might have to suffer through it many times; that is, if you don’t click away from Yahoo News and find a news source that doesn’t jam advertising down your throat.

Another thing that I am annoyed with is the annoying infomercial guy.

nobillymaysHis name is Billy Mays. I don’t know how much they pay this jackass to yell at potential customers, but I put it on mute whenever I see him, or I change the channel. I don’t even know what this guy is selling. Whomever hired this guy as a spokesperson for your product, you are making a big mistake. If I can ever remember the products that this guy screams out at me, I will make it a point to avoid purchasing those products.

Another thing that annoys me are dinosaurs. No, not the magnificent creatures that used to walk the earth, but the megalomaniac has-been dinosaurs like Price that think they’re still all that. Did you know that Price’s camp scours youtube for, get this, not only every Prince song and video ever made, but any Prince COVER ever made by anyone, even if it is a few seconds of a few chords. When they find them, they make sure that you can SEE the youtube video, but there is NO SOUND. Now that is pretty annoying!

no_princeDidn’t Prince learn from Metallica’s mistakes with that Napster fiasco? Prince, are you trying hard to be hated and forgotten? Do you think that anyone under 25 even knows who you are? Get over yourself dude. I won’t ever pay another cent for your music. Even though I used to like it, every time that I hear a Prince song it reminds me of what a punk you are. I hope your lawyers don’t try to force me to take your ugly picture down from my blog.